Open.               Ignite.                Nourish.                Create.               Love.                Flourish. 

The Cauldron of the Growing Vine is an eclectic pagan collective that holds a vision of intentionally inclusive community for witches and pagans of many paths. 

We open ourselves to curiosity and learning. 

We ignite our passions with joy. 

We nourish ourselves, our communities, and the land. 

We create non-hierarchical spaces that honor one another

We love radically 

So we can flourish together

Upcoming Events 

Monthly Social Gatherings

Pagans in the Park & Cauldron Chats Cancelled

Our monthly in-person and online social gatherings are canceled for the foreseeable future due to low attendance. We are dreaming up new social events that will be a different format. If you have an idea of what you would like to see in a monthly social gathering for pagans, please let us know by sending us a message through the Contact page. We'd love your feedback as we create something new! 

Upcoming Seasonal Events & Rituals

In-person Beltane Ritual 

Sunday April 28th 3:00pm 

Balboa Park at 6th Street & Juniper Rd 

Please bring:

* a blanket or chair to sit on

* food to share potluck-style 

* your own utensils and plate (to help us cut down on waste)

*We ask all in-person participants be fully vaccinated to help protect our most vulnerable loved ones

Online Ishtar Devotional 

Tuesday April 30th 4:00pm

Online Beltane Ritual 

Wednesday, May 1st 8:00pm
Please have these items with you:

*Grounding snack

*Paper or a small object to write or draw on

*Writing or drawing utensil

All event details are available on our calendar page